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— September 21, 2017

European Planetary Science Congress 2017 Press Notice Thursday, 21st September Solar eruption ‘photobombed’ Mars encounter with Comet Siding Spring When Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) passed just 140,000 kilometres from Mars on 19th October 2014, depositing a large amount of debris in the martian atmosphere, space agencies coordinated multiple spacecraft to witness the largest meteor […]

— September 21, 2017

Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure Press Release 21st September 2017 Diamonds show Earth still capable of ‘superhot’ surprises Diamonds may be ‘forever’ but some may have formed more recently than geologists thought. A study of 26 diamonds, formed under extreme melting conditions in the Earth’s mantle, found two populations, one of which has geologically ‘young’ ages. […]

— September 21, 2017

Are we alone in the Universe? You have probably asked yourself this question at some point. Europlanet’s new video, “Astrobiology – Live in the Universe” shows how planetary scientists are looking for signs of life on other planets, using our very own Earth as a laboratory.

— September 20, 2017

EPSC 2017 Press Briefings will be streamed live at 13:00 Eastern European Time (10:00 UTC) on Tuesday 19th and Thursday 21st September. EPSC 2017 Press Briefing – Thursday, 21st September, 13:00-13:40 Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+3) – Cassini/Comet Siding Spring encounter with Mars Cassini – Scott Edgington, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Cassini/Dust in the Outer Solar System as measured […]

— September 19, 2017

European Planetary Science Congress 2017 Press Notice Tuesday, 19th September What do we need to know to mine an asteroid? The mining of resources contained in asteroids, for use as propellant, building materials or in life-support systems, has the potential to revolutionise exploration of our Solar System. To make this concept a reality, we need […]