News & Events
— May 10, 2018

“New views of Jupiter” showcases swirling clouds on giant planet Members of NASA’s Juno mission team, some of the world’s leading observers of Jupiter, and citizen scientists from across the globe will attend a workshop ‘New Views of Jupiter: Pro-Am Collaborations during and beyond the NASA Juno Mission’ at the Royal Astronomical Society in London […]

— May 8, 2018

Making the Case for Astronomy – Engaging with Policy Makers Last year at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (EWASS), we started a discussion on best practice in astronomy-related public and policy engagement. At EWASS 2018, held jointly in Liverpool this April with the Royal Astronomical Society’s National Astronomy Meeting, we held a […]

— May 8, 2018

Expert Exchange Report – Lukasz Lamza This guest post is by Lukasz Lamza, who took part in a Europlanet Expert Exchange aimed at journalists, teachers of journalism and science communicators. Applications to an open call of this programme can now be submitted any time up until 31st December 2018, with visits taking place before 30th […]

— May 8, 2018

Open Call – Expert Exchange Opportunity for Science Journalists/Science Communicators/Lecturers in Science Journalism Following our successful pilot of outreach-focused expert exchanges over the last few months, Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure (RI) has issued an open call for the expert exchange programme to invite journalists, science communicators or lecturers in journalism to spend a few days […]

— May 7, 2018

Concert with commentary: William Herschel, the Astronomer Composer The 2012 winner of the Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement, Yaël Nazé, will be providing scientific commentaries on a special concert of works by the astronomer and composer, William Herschel, performed by the Chamber Orchestra of Liège on 14th May at the Théâtre de Liège. William Herschel was born […]