About EPSC2013

UCL QuadThe European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC) is the largest meeting in Europe dedicated to planetary science.  EPSC 2013 is hosted by University College London. It is the first time that EPSC will have been held in the UK. To celebrate all things related to our Solar System, we are holding a 'Festival of the Planets' this autumn. Public events are being organised by academic institutions, museums, professional and amateur societies and space enthusiasts. You can find out here all the details of what's going on and where .

EPSC provides a forum for researchers, engineers, policy makers, amateur astronomers and outreach professionals to present and exchange the latest results and ideas about our solar system and those around other stars. More than 800 participants from Europe and around the world will attend the meeting. gernot presentation smallSessions will cover the whole scope of planetary science, from comets and asteroids to giant planets, from Earth analogues to exoplanets, from astrobiology to future missions, as well as the contribution of amateur astronomers.  All details of the scientific programme can be found on the main EPSC 2013 conference website.

The inaugural EPSC took place in Berlin in 2006.  To date, the meeting has been held in Germany (Berlin (2006), Potsdam(2007 & 2009) & Muenster (2008), Italy (Rome (2010)), France (Nantes (2011)*) and Spain (Madrid (2012)).  EPSC 2014 will take place in Lisbon, Portugal.

* Joint meeting with the Division of Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society